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You can help by completing the following questionnaire.  Although you may not have felt the quake, but you were in the general area of the epicenter, please answer (We want to know the areas where the quake was felt and also where the quake was not felt). Your answers will be used to map the distribution of seismic intensity.

It requires approximately LOCAL DATE & TIME when the quake was felt, your city and ZIP CODE ! All other data (name, email and phone) are optional,but we need your Zip Code to determine the seismic intensity in your area.The other data will be useful to restrict further the different intensities in the places where the quake was felt.


May-04-2012 12:53:34
ID    20120504165334


* Zip Code:

Your answer to the following questions is optional. However, your response to the maximum number of questions would help us to estimate more precisely the intensity of the earthquake.

Where you were during the earthquake?
If you were inside, select the type of building or structure:
Did you feel the earthquake? No Yes
Were you asleep?
Did others feel it?

Your experience during the quake:

How would you best describe the shaking?
About how many seconds did the shaking last?
How whould you best describe your reaction?
How did you respond during the shaking?
Was it difficult to stand and/or walk? No Yes

Earthquake Effects:

Did you notice any swinging/swaying of doors or other free-hanging objects?
Did you hear creaking or other noises?
Did objects rattle, topple over, or fall of shelves?
Did pictures on walls move or get knocked askew?
Did any furniture or appliances slide, topple over, or otherwise become displaced? No Yes
Was a heavy appliance (refrigerator or range) affected?
Were free-standing walls or fences damaged?
If you were inside, Was there any damage to the building? Check all that apply.
No Damage
Hairline cracks in walls
A few large cracks in walls
Many large cracks in walls
Ceiling tiles or lighting fixtures fell
Cracks in chimney
One or several cracked windows
Many windows cracked or some broken out
Masonry fell from block or brick wall(s)
Outside wall(s) tilted over or collapsed completely
Separation of porch, balcony, or other addition from building
The building leaned
Building permanently shifted over foundation

Additional Comments:

If you know the type of terrain on which the structure was built, please indicate here:

If you know the type of construction (wood, brick etc.) And location (floor, basement, etc.), Please indicate here:

You may use this box to clarify answers or to make observations that are not accommodated by other questions. You may also give first-person descriptions of how the earthquake affected you.

Make sure you fill the form for proper earthquake!

Click here to clear all answers and start again:

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