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Flood and Evacuation Maps

The first task of the Puerto Rico Seismic Network Tsunami Program is the preparation of flood maps for the archipelago of Puerto Rico. Below is a map of Puerto Rico. All coastal towns have their flood map, to see it you have to select the area on the left section of this page and press the button "See map". At this moment, those towns identified with flags have an evacuation map. Is expected that by 2013 all the coastal towns will have their evacuation map.

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2012 Map:

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Virgin Islands:            St. Croix           St. John           St. Thomas

For the preparation of the tsunami flood maps we first had to characterize the systems of local faults which history has shown as the main threat for earthquake tsunamis. For this, data recorded by the Puerto Rico Seismic Network (PRSN) was used. This included obtaining the basic parameters that control the tectonic tsunami genteration: quake moment (Mo), fault dimensions and rupture geometry.

The maps are design to help the communities located in the cost area to identify and reduce the vunerability in case of inundation caused by tsunami.

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