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Publication Year
IMGIP/ICEOP 6th Joint Fellows Conference, Northbrook, IL, 2002, "Western and Eastern Caribean Plate Tectonics: Plate Interactions at Oblique Subduction Zones", Lpez A. and S. Stein 2002
AGU Spring Meeting, Boston, 1999, "Microplate Behavior in the Northern Caribbean Plate Boundary Zone as Constrained by GPS Geodesy", Lpez A., P. Jansma, T. Dixon, C. DeMets and G. Mattioli 1999
Geological Society of America Penrose Conference, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, 1998, "GPS Preliminary Results on Northeastern Caribbean Plate Boundary Zone", Lpez A., P. Jansma, E. Calais, C. DeMets, P.Mann, T. Dixon and G. Mattioli 1998